Are you preparing your students to merely pass exams?
Or are you preparing them for the contemporary Business Environment?

Companies aren’t willing to spend large amounts of time and money on improving the industry readiness
of their fresh hires. If the students aren’t ready for the market, the market won’t recruit them.
It is the job of the Institution to prepare its students for the business market.

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Skilled Students = Better Employability

Companies are under tremendous pressure to perform. In order for them to perform and create wealth and value for their stakeholders, they need skilled manpower.

With India turning into a global manufacturing, distribution, and sales hub, the word ‘Skill’ has expanded to include proficiency in Communication, Presentation, Team work, and other abilities. These days, the student has to be articulate, confident, and must demonstrate leadership attributes early on in the hiring process.

Institutions have a moral responsibility to impart soft skills to their students. Building leadership skills must be a part of the curriculum so that the student is equipped for real world situations.

Improving Student Employability

Placing students in top-performing companies is often the single biggest challenge for an institution. The best-performing companies hire students from top-rung institutes — the reasons are many, but largely, it has to do with the pedigree of the students (which is a combination of functional / technical + behavioural / soft skills).

Improving Student Employability through research-based training practices can do absolute wonders for the institution (improve placement numbers, draw the attention of Indian businesses and MNCs, attract better faculty, improve the top- and bottom-line, build positive reputation). Yet, many institutions either ignore, or struggle with, creating and implementing training programs that prepare their students for today’s demanding market conditions.

We can help. Using a research-based approach, we train the students to perform well in interviews and GDs, handle tough questions, and communicate and present with flair and competence. We have 14 years of experience in the Search & Placement business and have a solid understanding of what companies look for when they hire people. Our Student Employability training programs are contemporary and are designed for results.

Research-based Training

  • As geographies and boundaries have merged, Soft-skills have become as important as technical / functional knowledge
  • Students must be trained in Soft-skills using a research-based and results-oriented approach — they must learn to prepare for and face interviews, build self-esteem, engage in team work, and standout in group discussions
  • Each year, the economy gets more competitive and if an institution doesn’t invest in contemporary training programs, it will find itself trailing behind its competitors

Services for Improving Student Employability

Interview & GD Skills

A good student isn’t necessarily a good interviewee. For the Student to succeed, it is important for him to learn to interview properly.

We help students improve their interview performance by conducting live role-plays and demonstrating the need to listen, paraphrase, ask the right questions, research the company and the job description, etc.

Communication Skills

The business world hinges on communication. Other things being equal, poor communication skills are the no. 1 reason a student fails to get a placement offer.

Using reliable learning strategies, we help students understand and acquire good communication skills. Our modules are available in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Resume & Cover Letter

Companies short list students for interviews using their resume and cover letters. These documents are absolutely vital in creating a favourable first impression.

We develop resumes and cover letters that maximize the student’s chances of success. We also aid the student in preparing for resume-based interview questions.

We use our proprietary (and evolving) Best Practices to ensure superior results and high ROI.

The Benefits of Hiring Vybex

Skill Audit

Our skill audit helps you accurately identify the training areas needed for improvement.


Companies pay for Value. Our programs boost the intrinsic Value of your students.

Top Companies

Our training helps your students get into top companies — Indian & Global markets.


Simulation is a powerful pedagogic tool to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Student Employability should be the principal focus area for any Educational Institution that wants to prosper.

By investing in Training that improves the Employability of your students, you are investing in
the growth and progress of your Educational Institution.

Training must be Useful, Well-designed, and Practical. Unfortunately, most Training isn’t. Traditional training methods do little more than pat the student on the back and provide a rudimentary understanding of soft-skills.

Vybex can help. We employ Simulation Training tools that teach students what the business world actually needs, how it operates, and most importantly how to apply what they’ve learned. Further, our strategies boost involvement and are designed to be fun. (Fun encourages the students to absorb better and thus accelerates and cements the learning.)

  • Using a research-based and outcome-oriented approach, we tailor our best practices for your needs. This includes a skill audit (skill-gap analysis) to identify the areas to improve so as to ensure the highest ROI.
  • We provide high-quality support material in the form of booklets and leaflets that are designed to encourage reflective practice and thus expedite learning.
  • Above all, our training is designed to bolster the self-esteem and the confidence of the student. Without these traits, subject matter expertise (technical know-how) fails to influence and impress.
  • Our strength is that we use Simulation training as a pedagogic tool. For Management Skills, research demonstrates that Simulation training is superior to traditional formats of training (such as problem-based learning).
  • The workshops / modules are designed to be educator-guided as well as self-guided, thus minimizing the learning curve and maximizing the results.

The Next Step

Contact us at raj(at) We’ll study your numbers (placement metrics, etc.), explain how our Training programs can help your students become market ready, and advise the course of action.

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