Campus Placements are the bread and butter of your Educational Institution.

There are several positive upshots to good Campus Placement numbers.
Among other things, it directly impacts your bottom-line and brand equity.

The Biggest Marketing Advantage

Placing your Students in good companies is both your most important challenge and purpose. Campus Placements, in many ways, are the bread and butter of your Educational Institution. The better the campus placement season, the better the future prospects of your Institution.

Today, companies are spoiled for choice; Campus Placement Managers in companies are inundated with requests for campus visits. Unless there are strong differentiators (lead generation process, brand image, and marketing strategy), companies don’t feel compelled to visit the campus.

When campus placements don’t go well, it places tremendous financial and marketing strain on your Institution. Students are keener to join institutes that have a strong campus placement record, and students are often willing to pay a premium to join such institutions. It’s hard to argue with the point that a strong campus placement season is the biggest marketing advantage an Institution has.

We can help

  • Prevention is better than cure: We conduct a Campus Placement audit and pinpoint the problem areas before they surface to the top.
  • Present your Institute in the best light: Top Companies hire from Top Institutes. We help you understand and implement the Best Practices of Top Institutes.

Our strategies are contemporary and are designed for mid & large institutions.

Campus Placement Services


Branding and Positioning are vital to the success of your Institution. Branding is the key to maximizing revenue, attracting companies, attracting students, and differentiating from your competitors.

We help you build a robust and reliable Brand — from crafting and implementing your Brand strategy to showcasing your Brand. Our focus is to help your Institution differentiate itself from its peers and competitors.

Best Practices

A process-oriented approach is absolutely vital for success. When we look at an Institution’s placement record (together with other pertinent data), we’re able to spot where things went wrong (or fell in place).

Our process-oriented approach helps us spot and fix problems. We have assembled a set of contemporary (and customizable) Best Practices that can dramatically improve the results of your Campus Placement session.

Lead Generation

Generating quality leads breathes life into your Campus Placement session. Without quality leads (that can convert), your efforts are often scattered and the outcomes of such efforts are mediocre, to say the least.

From strategy, to generation, to qualification, to filtering, to scoring, and conversion, we help you put in place a Lead Generation program that will help your team maximize the returns for their effort.

The Benefits of Hiring Vybex

Faster Placements

A cohesive Brand Strategy will directly impact the speed and quality of placements.

Improved Image

The core paradigm of our services (and approach) is to enhance your Institution’s image.

Higher Efficiency

Higher efficiency is the result of good practices and processes. Higher efficiency = Results.


Less effort results from ‘being in control.’ Our time-tested processes help you take control.

Contemporary and robust Campus Placement strategies are the need of the hour

Our consultative approach identifies the areas that need improvement,
and our Best Practices improve your campus placement numbers.

A comprehensive and contemporary strategy is mandatory for mid- and long-term success of your Institution. Without a reliable strategy, most Institutions will ‘flunk’ the Campus Placement session — year after year. Even when Placements are going steady, your Institution will need to keep a watchful eye on its strategy (Branding, Lead Generation, and overall Campus Placement strategy).

  • Branding & Marketing has been greatly influenced by Social Media. Today, everyone has an opinion about your Institute and they are not afraid to express it. A few positive reactions seldom add value, but a few negative reactions can cost your Institution business. We understand the dynamics of Social Media. Our Branding strategy focuses on bringing your entire branding and marketing efforts under one roof — thus, in many ways, you’ll retain control of what is said about your institution and can quickly put out fires, if any.
  • A good Campus Placement season is the result of tremendous backend work and effort. Once we understand your Goals, we help your Institution streamline the entire backend process (processes and JDs for the Campus Placement team, lead generation tactics, follow up protocols, demonstrating the benefits of hiring from your Campus, marketing collateral, social media, etc.). We focus on your Goals and work backwards from those targets.
  • We believe in being Proactive instead of being Reactive. It’s imperative to start early, plan diligently, get the team motivated and ready, and begin working on your Campus Placement goals promptly. Campus Placements are often about 2 things: Branding and Industry Relationships. Our proactive approach helps your Institution gain a strong foothold in both areas.

The Next Step

Contact us at raj(at) Using a consultative approach, we’ll identify the issues your Institution is facing and suggest corrective measures that can boost your Campus Placement numbers.

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