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Good command of the English language tops the list of skills required by employers

During schooling, a fair amount of emphasis is placed on developing Writing and Reading skills, but very
little (if any) emphasis is given to improving Speaking skills. This is ironical considering that the volume of
Speaking we do far outweighs the amount of Writing and Reading we do, and the fact that oratory skills have a
massive impact on Leadership & Career performance, success, and growth

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Language creates Perception

People often misjudge the negative impact of grammatical sloppiness or poor fluency. Language creates perception, and perception is reality.

Consider this: If you dress well, people will perceive you differently than if you dress poorly. And the way they perceive you dictates how they interact with you and treat you. If you dress sloppily for work and business meetings, you may receive sloppy treatment.

Needless to say, the way you speak and your command over the English language, in several ways, dictate how your superiors, peers, subordinates, and external stakeholders perceive you. Your career growth depends on your ability to communicate well—there’s simply no escaping that fact.

The Most Powerful Tool in your Arsenal

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe—Abraham Lincoln

Like the axe, language is a tool. And to excel and grow in your career, you need to sharpen this tool. The vast majority do not pay attention to this golden rule and as a result, the vast majority struggle to build a great career.

Language is a powerful catalyst. It opens doors, creates gravitas, skyrockets incomes, and positions you as a Leader. In fact, the dominant subset of Leadership is Communication. Until a Leader is able to communicate with charm and confidence, he / she is often unable to influence, motivate, sell, or persuade. This is especially true when the industry or company is going through a tough phase and needs to win market share, retain employees, or do any number of the myriad tasks that involve interacting with key internal and external stakeholders.

Proven Methodology

  • Fix your grammar using the 80/20 rule
  • Dramatically improve your fluency and pronunciation (keys to coming across as polished and articulate)
  • Vocabulary: Build a repository and withdraw from it as needed (note: most vocab building tools fail as the brain doesn’t work well with isolated objects such as individual words)
  • Bring energy and vigour into your speech—command the conversation
  • Sound refined, graceful, and sophisticated

The Benefits of our Coaching

Career Enrichment

Growth in your career is a direct function of how well you speak. Sure, a high tide lifts all boats—
but when the going gets tough, the people who thrive are the ones who communicate well.

Leadership Roles

A leader who communicates well finds it easier to build a talented team. Plus, organizations place more value on well-spoken leaders and they’re usually the primary choice for promotions.

Presentations & Discussions

Presentations aren’t merely about sharing information anymore. Good presentations call for talents such as storytelling, humour, and rhetoric—and these rely on your verbal skills.

Improve Self-esteem

Good communication skills consistently rank as the no. 1 soft-skill valued by companies and by acquiring skills that improve your innate value, your bolster your Self-esteem and Confidence.

Give better Interviews

Whether it’s an interview for a job in another company or for an internal position, your eloquence will be among the top 3 factors that will determine whether or not you are a contender.

Become Influential

Influence is the most powerful currency in the wallet of a Leader. And the primary tool to influence and persuade is Communication. To influence, it’s necessary to speak well.

Our Coaching Programs and Curricula are available for
Intermediate and Advanced level speakers

Our programs cover just about every aspect of verbal fluency: Grammar; exercises to reset your accent and tackle pronunciation challenges; vocabulary expansion using a gamut of tools (such as advanced phrasal verbs and collocations); implementing rhetorical devices (analogies and metaphors); practice routines and tools to accelerate learning; and improving your rate of speech and fluency.

A car’s purpose is to get you from point A to point B. Every car does that. Yet, unless your car is shiny and loaded with features, you won’t purchase it. There is substance and there is sizzle—and in today’s day and age, we need and demand both.

Similarly, when companies invest in talent they are searching for both substance and sizzle. They want people who can accomplish the purpose of the role (substance), as well as communicate with vigour and flair (sizzle). Hence, for you to focus merely on substance to rise in your career, would be to shoot yourself in the foot.

In our 14 years of experience as Executive Recruiters / Head hunters, we have found that a person’s Self-esteem and Language skills are the 2 most important factors that will determine his success or failure. When a person works on improving these 2 skills, his career trajectory starts to move upward and forward very quickly.

The first attribute a prospective employer (or any other stakeholder) notices about you is the way you speak. In the first few seconds, they are able to size you up and the way you speak leaves a lasting impression on them—for better or for worse.

Good speaking skills are impossible to fake. And as alluded to above, they have an enormous impact on your career prospects. Regardless of the function you’re in (Sales, Finance, Engineering, HR, Marketing, SCM, etc.), honing your speaking skills will reward you several times over. Once you’ve mastered this prized talent, you’re guaranteed to have a more fulfilling and smoother career.

The Next Step

Within 6-8 weeks of working with us, you will notice dramatic and beneficial improvements in your oratory skills. Get in touch with us at raj(at)vybex(dot)com.

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