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Are you someone with influence and discernable subject matter expertise—a person the interview panel is looking forward to meet? Or are you an average Joe—just another candidate waiting his turn for the interview?

Differentiation is the need of the hour. To move ahead in your career, you need to differentiate yourself from the hundreds (if not thousands) of other candidates vying for the same positions. And the perfect way to differentiate yourself from your competition is to take control of your Personal Brand.

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Produce, Produce, Produce

In a knowledge economy such as ours, a person is judged and evaluated on his subject matter expertise. However, being an expert is insufficient (since there are many who are equally competent, if not more).

To stand out from your peers and to thrive in your career, you need to produce content and publish it on social media. When you create content, you establish yourself as a credible expert in your field (over time) and this puts you in a different league from your peers.

Thought Leadership and Personal Branding are activities that can be immensely fun and fulfilling. With the help of a coach (who has himself walked the Thought Leadership path), you can generate significant goodwill and get an upper hand in your job search and career.

You are in a Job Market

If you want your career to get easier over time (reduced job search effort, offers from better companies, networking with key stakeholders in the industry, consistent increases in salary, job fulfilment, work-life balance, etc.) it’s important to understand a crucial fact: You are in a job market.

Just as you go shopping for essential commodities to run your household, companies too go shopping for candidates to run their businesses. Now consider this: In a market, certain brands fare better than others. These brands charge a premium, have a positive reputation, usually occupy the front shelf, and are popular. (Think of the last 5 major household purchases you’ve made and check them against the above parameters.)

There are a number of lessons a career professional can take away from this analogy. One—in order to thrive, it’s important to build your Personal Brand. Two—building your Personal Brand helps you refine and strategize your career path like perhaps no other exercise. And three—the sooner you start, the better (as brands take time to build and the competition for a job is getting tougher by the day).

You already have a brand by default. The question is: As a brand, how do you fare in the job market? Do you struggle to attract the attention of the right people? Are you considered a subject matter authority in your field? Do people know you by name and reputation?

Demonstrate your Value

In the business world, Value is everything. Companies hire you for the Value you bring to the table. The higher your actual and perceived Value, the better your chances of landing that job / promotion and receiving a heftier pay.

Simply ‘having Value’ is not enough—the Value of any commodity or brand needs to be projected and demonstrated. When you strategically and methodically build your Personal Brand, you are demonstrating your value to your target companies in the job market. Without this demonstration, your interviews, networking attempts, salary negotiations, and overall job search efforts will often be weak and managing your career will seem like a constant struggle.

Why hire us

With 14 years of experience in the recruitment and head hunting space, if there’s one thing we have learnt it’s how to build a successful career in a highly competitive market. We have learnt this by studying, interacting, and talking to some of the most successful people in the Indian corporate sector.

For instance, we have learnt that the first 5-7 years are absolutely crucial. If a young executive is coached and groomed properly during this period, his career takes off. Unfortunately, these precious period is often unutilized. Then there’s the issue of core behavioral skills such as self-esteem and language competency—young executives pay no attention to these life skills and as a result climbing the corporate ladder turns into a laborious (and often unrewarding) task.

We have also learnt that managing your job and managing your career are two different beasts. If you are constantly busy doing your job and pay no attention to your career, you will feel its impact eventually (in today’s hypercompetitive economy, people usually feel the impact sooner than later).

Using our knowledge, expertise, and acumen we are able to craft a personalized Personal Branding strategy that will get you from where you are to where you want and need to be.

Strategy: Building a Personal Brand that is sustainable, competent, and achieves the end goals (better job, higher pay, etc.) requires comprehensive understanding of the job search market (particularly its shifting dynamics), the recruitment process (and its myriad variables), and the strengths and weaknesses of the individual (which will help us identify the most suitable Personal Branding tools to create immediate traction). In other words, the strategy dictates whether or not the Brand will be successful—and our vast experience in the aforementioned areas helps us craft a robust strategy.

Execution: We provide end-to-end Personal Branding solutions. We’ll take charge of the complete set up (Blog, YouTube channel, etc.); we’ll work with you to plan, create, and polish your content; we’ll infuse the right mindset and help you build intermediate-level skills to construct a Personal Brand that creates gravitas and influence. We’ll also show you how to leverage your Brand when you network and connect with the influencers in your industry.

Our involvement in this area has shown us that the right strategy coupled with an experienced coach can turn an individual’s efforts into a positive and fulfilling adventure.

Online Personal Branding tools such as a Blog, Twitter, etc. are powerful, but our experience and examination show that Offline tools and platforms are at least thrice as powerful. Two of the most common offline tools are Public Speaking (at conferences and seminars, industry events) and Writing (for newspapers, magazines).

The reasons why Offline tools and platforms are extremely powerful are threefold: They cut through the clutter (online platforms usually have a fair amount of noise); there is little competition in this space; and they help you develop prized Leadership skills.

We have helped several individuals build superior Public Speaking skills. This includes building a commanding stage presence, crafting speeches (for technical as well as nontechnical topics) that are both humorous and informative, and handling questions from the audience.

With practice, these skills can be built and honed. And once you have built these skills, you will find that your career and income trajectories start moving upward.


We build, design, and scale your blog and help you evolve into a Thought Leader


Using key metrics, we improve your visibility to maximize reach, adhesion, and impact


Create an aura by showcasing your SME (authority) to your target audience


Our recruitment expertise helps you reach career goals in a shorter span of time

Get rid of your career insecurities and fears, the helplessness, and the lack of control by building your Personal Brand

Unless you want to leave your career to luck and fate, you need to step up and observe your career from an outsider’s perspective—unbiased, cold, and logical. You need to take a good, hard look at the last 5 years of your career, compare your growth with the growth of your peers, and answer in a truthful manner if you are satisfied with the progress you have made.

To move up in your career in a predictable manner, you need new skills, attitudes, tools, and strategies. Attempting to build your career with methods that worked 7 years ago (pre-recession era) is irrational. A discerning Personal Brand is the need of the hour—it provides context and meaning to the work you have done so far, and improves your reputation and visibility in the eyes of people who matter (your prospective employers).

Additionally, working on a Personal Brand dramatically boosts your Subject Matter Expertise (when you choose to write or speak on a topic related to your career and role, you are forced to think deeply about your tasks, responsibilities, industry matters, the competition, etc. You broaden your intellectual horizon and employers find that to be an attractive quality.

It may seem daunting to start a blog, or establish any form of Thought Leadership and Personal Branding channel. But with the right coaching and motivation, you will end up surprising yourself. Other people have done it and so can you. The investments you make in terms of time, money, and effort pay themselves back several times over and the skills you acquire, with time, become second-nature.

When it comes to your career, taking control of it and steering it in the right direction are perhaps the most urgent and important matters you need to deal with. Your career puts food on your plate, pays your bills, sends your children to school, and give your life meaning and purpose. Build your Personal Brand and take control of your career today.

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