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HR & Talent Acquisition Processes

Bad business outcomes are a direct result of inefficient HR processes. The Antidote? Create and Implement Best Practices for your HR and Talent Acquisition teams.
HR Best Practices

Best Practices are all around us

We have worked with all kinds of business — profitable, average, and abysmal. Talent is the number one differentiator among these businesses and Processes / Best Practices come a close second.

Best Practices are all around us. The Job Description is a Best Practice; the hiring procedure is also a set of Best Practices. Companies will cease to thrive if they don’t invest in improving their Best Practices.

The goal of a Best Practice is twofold: One, it must streamline the activity, and two, it must impact the department’s bottom-line.

HR Process Improvement & Best Practices

The work Process comes from the Latin word Processus (which means ‘Progression’). A business is about making Progress, and thus, a business must also be about robust Processes. You will be hard pressed to find a thriving business (small, mid, large) that doesn’t subscribe to process improvement.

The best companies follow best practices. Awards such as Best Places to Work, Best Employer, etc., are won by companies who continuously develop and nurture their HR best practices. And it is no coincidence that these are some of the most profitable companies as well.

For instance, Talent Acquisition processes directly set the tone for a company’s growth and profitability. If your recruiters / hiring managers aren’t adequately trained to spot talent, your organization will lose to its competitors. And investing in improving your Talent Acquisition processes will significantly improve the odds of your division’s success, and your company’s financial success.

Processes we help create:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Recruiter Training
  • Leadership Hiring
  • Building the Talent Pipeline
  • Campus Hiring
  • We provide robust templates for building your own set of best practices. You’ll also get a bird’s eye view of how these best practices will create a positive financial impact on your business (using contemporary metrics).

The Benefits of hiring Vybex

Solid Repository

We have gleaned and designed the Best Practices from observing, and working with, dozens of top-notch companies. When you hire us, we bring with us the Best Practices (HR) of some of India’s finest companies.

80/20 Rule

We improve the most important processes so that you can immediately fix what’s important and urgent for your business. You’ll find when you improve the important processes, the residual processes align as well.

Lower Attrition

When your recruiters have a clear mandate and understanding of the hiring process (through best practices), it creates a better environment for them. In turn, it leads to lower attrition and higher job satisfaction.

Prevent Damage

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Companies that invest in preventing damage fare better in the mid- and long-term. In most cases, the damage isn’t evident on the surface, and we often spot problems when examining the processes.

Rapid Improvements

You can expect rapid, and often dramatic, improvements when you improve your processes and implement best practices. The change is often evident in the form of speed, efficiency, higher job satisfaction, and overall improved productivity.

Control & Efficiency

Putting out random fires is not fun. To thrive in today’s business environment, you need to control the several variables in your business. Control creates Predictability, and Predictability creates Efficiency. And it begins with process improvement.

Improve your HR, Talent Acquisition, and Campus Hiring processes using industry & cross-industry Best Practices.

Improve your HR Processes Today

A business that does not continuously engage in best practices development, is a business that’s destined for failure. Because…what is change if not the ability to constantly modify your best practices?

We can help you improve your HR Processes and also demonstrate the financial impact it will have on your business (using contemporary metrics). Write to us at raj(at) for more information.

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