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Results. Results. Results. 3 words that perfectly describe our Executive Search division. With 14 years of Leadership Search & Placement experience, Vybex
can help you identify your Leaders, and thereby, help you grow your business.
Executive Search Services

Executive Search = Work Ethic + Acuity

Executive Search hiring is a complex process and demands good work ethic and acuity. There are several moving parts, and the Recruiter and the Company have to be perfectly aligned on key variables.

The Indian economy has witnessed tectonic economic shifts in the last 5 years and the demand for Executives to lead organizations has never been higher; yet, companies often struggle to find competent Leaders.

Time and again, we have bested many large, international Search & Placement firms to win and close Leadership mandates.

Executive Search

Our fastest growing division, the Executive Search division, is a thriving practice led by our Principal Consultants. (Our Principal Consultants have a combined experience of 25 years in the Executive Search and Selection practice.)

Executive Search is the search and selection for senior, executive or highly specialized positions. These positions include Function Heads, CXOs, SBU Heads.

Depending on the nature of the assignment and our work history with the client, we undertake Executive Search assignments on both Contingent and Retainer basis. (CXO assignments are purely on a Retainer basis.) Look to the right for a brief list of Leadership positions we’ve closed.

Positions Closed

  • Head Sales (Auto-ancillary)
  • Head Supply Chain (FMCG)
  • Head HR (Automobile)
  • Head International Business (Auto)
  • Head Litigation (Mines and Metals)
  • Head L&D (Consumer Durables)
  • Head Finance (Mines and Metals)
  • Head Marketing & Product (Auto)

The Benefits of hiring Vybex

Comprehensive Choices

We map competitors, target organizations, a wide variety of industries — and we submit a report on the work we’ve done. If the person is right for the job, we’ll find him / her.

Strategic Implications

The financial & strategic implications of hiring the right person vs. the wrong person can be huge. Our Best Practices ensure the odds of hiring the right person are maximized.

Need for Speed

We’re a boutique Head Hunting firm. We’re nimble, fast, and highly driven to succeed. If your requirement is urgent, and you’re serious, we can produce dramatic results in 2 weeks.

We provide an impressive list of references from BSE 30 / BSE 100 entities and MNCs that have empanelled us.

Get In Touch

If you want your business to move in the right direction with speed, it’s time you considered a Head Hunting firm. Vybex brings outside perspective and expertise that is generally not available within the organization.

Our Executive Search experience spans multiple industries (Automobile, FMCG, Durables, Electronics, Mines & Metals, Oil & Gas, Shipping) and geographies (Asia, Middle East, Europe).

We love a good challenge, and we hope you have one. Send a mail to vikram(at)vybex.com and we’ll get in touch with you.

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