Contingent Search

Middle Management Search & Selection

Cast the Net wide, recruit the Best, and improve your Bottom-line by empanelling a Search Firm that has “Been There and Done That.”
Contigent Search Services

Hiring requires superior Sales skills

Hiring qualified and talented right Middle Management employees positively impacts a company’s bottom-line. Another advantage is that, over time, the company builds a strong in-house talent pool that it can rely on to fill senior-level positions (due to attrition, growth, etc.)

The challenge is find the right candidates in the shortest period of time. This requires search acumen, experience, and industry contacts.

A Contingent Search recruiter needs Grit, Urgency, and superior Sales skills to thrive in this hypercompetitive arena.

Contingent Search

Our Contingent Search services are best suited for Middle Management positions. Under our Contingent Services model, we bill the client upon successfully closing the search assignment.

Contingent Search is an effective Search & Placement model when an in-depth research of the market isn’t required. Largely, the focus is on active job seekers. The Contingent Search recruiter / head hunter works on multiple search assignments (unlike in a Retained / Executive Search mandate where a maximum of 3 concurrent assignments are assigned to a Principal Consultant).

We close 7 out of 10 Contingent searches that we take up. This is a very healthy percentage considering the odds stacked against us (external competition, employee referrals, internal databases, advertisements, positions going on hold, being scrapped off, etc.)

Positions Closed

  • Regional and Area Sales Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Legal Professionals
  • HR Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • The list is simply too long to be shared here. It suffices to say, we have ample experience in the Contingent Search domain.

The Benefits of Hiring Vybex

Improved Bottom-line

Outsourcing talent acquisition allows an organization to run a lean and profitable structure. Generally, it is unwise to pit the competency of a head hunting firm against in-house resources, which is why just about every large Indian and MNC turns to recruiters for sourcing competitive talent. Whichever way you look at it, working with us translates into an improved bottom-line.

Been There, Done That

Ever had trouble persuading a competent candidate to join your organization? Competent candidates have ample opportunities and persuading them to move to your organization requires more than a loaded cheque — it requires the acumen and experience of a head hunter who has “been there and done that.” Work with us and you’ll have top candidates vying for the your jobs.

Cast the Net Wide

We have a wealth of industry contacts. Further, we know the movers and shakers across functions and grades. Hiring a competitive recruiting firm such as Vybex can improve your odds of hiring the best. We can reach into pockets that your in-house team wouldn’t have access to — it’s a matter of perspective, experience, and cross-industry exposure. By casting the net wide, we help you net the best.

We provide an impressive list of references from BSE 30 / BSE 100 entities and MNCs that have empanelled us.

Leave it to the Experts

Looking inward for talent has its advantages, but it doesn’t take a company very far. Eventually, the organization has to look outside for talent. With our help, you can talk to people from competitor organizations / related industries, and can reach talent pockets that you otherwise may not have thought of.

If you want to hire the best — first, hire the experts who can help you hire the best. For more information, write to us at vikram(at)

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