Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other

To play and win at the highest levels, training is mandatory. People rarely grow into Leaders without undergoing strategic, transformative, and purposeful Leadership training.

Strategic, Transformative, and Purposeful

It’s a common myth that Leadership is something a person gains by spending time at the workplace. Leaders are created — and creating Leaders requires a strategic approach that is purposeful, transformative, and carries with it a sense of urgency. Whether it is dominating the market, or attracting talent, or reducing attrition, or any of the other myriad Leadership goals, in today’s aggressively competitive environment no organization can survive without Leadership Training. The onus is on the organization to train and groom its current and future Leaders.

Leadership Training is a complex and broad subject, but the fundamentals remain the same across geographies and industries. At Vybex, the training we provide is learner-centered (designed and customized for the end user), and performance-based (so that the employee can improve his performance and contribute to the team’s and ultimately the organization’s goals). Additionally, we firmly believe that Learning programs must include active participation and provide real-time feedback so that participants can trust the process, instantly experience the benefits, and build the enthusiasm and confidence to apply the knowledge at the workplace.

Leadership Training benefits

  • Improved engagement and productivity
  • Higher morale and motivation
  • Better priority management
  • Foster a culture of Learning & Development
  • Conflict prevention and rapid resolution
  • Better team management
  • Improved work ethic and accountability
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Create a strong pool of Managers and Leaders
  • Acclimatize to change
  • Add purpose and meaning to work

Leadership Development Programs for Corporations

Further your business goals using our Learner-centered and Performance-based
training programs

Our training programs focus on the requirements and challenges of your business and participants and are often aligned with key business objectives.

Playing to your Strengths

When people focus on and improve their strengths, they become more confident and are motivated to perform better. Even when it comes to fixing critical weaknesses (poor self-esteem, poor communication skills, etc.), the individual must first identify her strengths in those areas and lead with those strengths.

Our training helps individuals identify their strengths (using a research-based model), develop a customized program for them to build on these strengths, and offers best practices to stay on track. Whether it’s behaviour modification or skill development, research has shown that a strengths-based approach can bring meaningful and measurable results both for the organization and its workforce.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is a potent management tool and is essential for progress at the workplace. Giving and receiving feedback are skills that must be learned; if these skills aren’t properly honed, the workplace can quickly turn into a taxing environment that affects employee performance and engagement.

At Vybex, our Training objective is to help people learn to Give and Receive feedback by focusing on time-tested principles such as specificity, positivity, frequency, goal advancement, empathy, etc. Feedback can bring out the best in people…or the worst in them. Teaching your workforce to learn to Give and Receive Feedback is the supreme investment your organization can make.

The High Achiever Program

The more the number of high-achievers in your workforce, the better the odds of your organization meeting and exceeding its financial goals. The good news is that organizations can groom people and turn them into high-achievers. There are specific strategies which can turn most average performers into high-achievers.

Our training focuses on helping people optimize their talents, believing in their abilities, building resolve and discipline, improving their work ethic, improving stamina for sustaining high performance, and most importantly enjoying the process of turning into high achievers.

Thought Leadership & Gravitas

Thought Leadership has been embraced by the largest and most profitable Professional Services firms as well as large manufacturing entities because: it creates tremendous gravitas, it’s an unmatched brand-building activity that helps attract talent and win new business, generates free publicity, improves employee engagement, etc.

We lay out the methodology to identify, train, and groom capable Thought Leaders in your organization. Our training includes the how-to of creating content that aligns with business objectives, planning for ensuring maximum reach, and measuring returns so that the Thought Leadership strategies can be fine-tuned.

Strong Subject Matter Expertise + Superior Communication & Training skills = Excellent results

Improved productivity, higher ROI, and reduced workplace headaches are few of the benefits of working with Vybex.

Management Guru Peter Drucker said it best: Before the Leader can manage others, he must manage himself. When it comes to Leadership training, our focus is simple: We build interactive experiences that help people become better versions of themselves — for only when they are constantly improving, can they become and remain Leaders.

Behavioral Leadership training directly impacts individual and organizational performance and improvement. Conversely, in the absence of such training, morale drops, employees lose their mojo, and mid- and long-term performance are adversely affected.

  • The term ‘soft skills’ is severely misleading since these are the core set of skills that enable progress (especially beyond the junior management level); hence, we believe they need to be labelled ‘life skills’ and that training in these areas must be mandatory and periodic.
  • Once we have had discussions and key objectives have been set, Modules will be customized to meet the needs of the organization. Discussions are important as they allow us to formulate the content so that the training programs are learner-centered and performance-based.
  • Modules are available in several formats: Keynotes (usually around 1 hour) to Workshops (between 3 to 6 hours)
  • Our purpose is to create positive change in participants so that they act thoughtfully and deploy the learning in the shortest time possible.

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