Vybex is a Training, Coaching, and Search & Placement firm

We provide a wide range of services for Corporations, Educational Institutions, and Job Seekers

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Services for Job Seekers

More Interviews + Better Interviewing Skills = A Great Career

We offer comprehensive services in the areas of Resume Design and Job Search. Our strategies are contemporary
and our approach is outcome-oriented.

Resume Design

A Job Search is a Marketing sport, and your Resume is your primary Marketing tool. The way you Market and Endorse yourself dictates your promotions, career path, salary hikes, and the overall demand (or the lack of it) for your candidature.

Our Senior Consultants create an impactful Resume that will help you land more Interviews, as well as help you understand, prepare for, and clear Resume-based interviews.

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Job Search Coaching

The competition for an average job is fierce, and the competition for a good job…even more so. The hiring landscape has changed (global recession, recruitment options, etc.) and candidates who don’t keep up with this change will be left behind.

Being good at your job, and finding a job – are separate skills (and they need to be treated as such). We provide Processes and Best Practices that cover the entire Job Search cycle.

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Leadership Development Programs for Corporations

Further your business goals using our Learner-centered and Performance-based
training programs

Our training programs focus on the requirements and challenges of your business and participants and are often aligned with key business objectives.

Playing to your Strengths

When people focus on and improve their strengths, they become more confident and are motivated to perform better. Even when it comes to fixing critical weaknesses (poor self-esteem, poor communication skills, etc.), the individual must first identify her strengths in those areas and lead with those strengths.

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is a potent management tool and is essential for progress at the workplace. Giving and receiving feedback are skills that must be learned; if these skills aren’t properly honed, the workplace can quickly turn into a taxing environment that affects employee performance and engagement.

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The High Achiever Program

The more the number of high-achievers in your workforce, the better the odds of your organization meeting and exceeding its financial goals. The good news is that organizations can groom people and turn them into high-achievers. There are specific strategies which can turn most average performers into high-achievers.

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Thought Leadership & Gravitas

Thought Leadership has been embraced by the largest and most profitable Professional Services firms as well as large manufacturing entities because: it creates tremendous gravitas, it’s an unmatched brand-building activity that helps attract talent and win new business, generates free publicity, improves employee engagement, etc.

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HR Consulting & Placement Services for Corporations

We have 14 years of Search & Placement experience with some of
India’s largest companies

Shorter hiring cycles, access to the top 10% of the talent pool, and best practices to streamline your HR & Talent Acquisition processes — are few of the many benefits of working with Vybex.

Executive Search

Our Executive Search division is a thriving and fast-growing practice led by our Principal Consultants.

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Contingent Search

Our Contingent Search services help you discover, interview, and hire competent, experienced candidates.

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HR & TA Best Practices

Best Practices create Best Companies. Create and Implement Best Practices for your HR and TA teams.

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Few of the Corporations we have worked with

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